Celebration of the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier III in Monaco

Celebration of the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier III in Monaco

In honor of the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier III, the Principality of Monaco is organizing various festivities. Mayor Georges Marsan, as a member of the Commemoration Committee, hoped that the Town Hall would play an active role in these commemorations.

The launch of the celebrations took place on May 31, the anniversary of the birth of Prince Rainier III. This day of popular joy saw the enthusiastic participation of several municipal services and employees, under the coordination of the General Secretariat.

More than 10 months of preparation preceded this day, with the Event Center of Municipal Technical Services working in close collaboration with the organizing committee, under the direction of Albert Croesi. In April, teams began decorating the city with flags according to a plan approved by the committee. More than 3,000 items specially designed for this occasion have been installed, with 300 on-site interventions from May 8. The flags will remain in place until the end of January 2024, but some will be removed from October to allow Christmas decorations to be installed.

Municipal Technical Services also provided and installed various equipment, such as barriers, folding chairs, tables and tents, for the festive day.

To promote the event, the Poster and Advertising Service has graciously made its display network available throughout the Principality.

The Communication Department, in particular Reprography, was responsible for printing and sending invitations to all Monegasques so that they could participate in the festivities.

The Town Hall actively participated in the festivities in different ways on the day of the event. The Rainier III Academy Children's Choir offered musical performances in honor of Prince Rainier III. A catering service was set up to feed around 200 volunteers, led by the chef of the municipal restaurant, Julien Baldacchino.

Finally, many municipal employees contributed to this day of celebration by getting involved in various activities, from the distribution of commemorative gifts to welcoming participants, including security and the sale of souvenirs.

Monaco Town Hall will continue to participate throughout the year in the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Prince Rainier III. Here are some highlights of 2023:

A solemn tribute during the prize giving ceremony for the Monegasque Language Competition, organized by the General Secretariat of the Town Hall in June in the Court of Honor of the Monaco Town Hall.

A Rainier III Academy Gala attended by many personalities from the Principality, highlighting the importance of Prince Rainier III for the development of the arts in Monaco. The gala concert was organized at the Auditorium Rainier III in June, with the participation of the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and other musical talents.


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