The Fontvieille district has experienced increasing popularity over the years, which is reflected in the increase in property prices. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this area,
which is increasingly popular with buyers? What types of goods are offered and at what price?

Monaco has extended its borders several times, and Fontvieille is a prominent example. Created entirely on the sea during the reign of Prince Rainier III,
this colossal project extended over three decades to provide the Principality with an additional 22 hectares. Formerly considered too industrial and out of the way,
Fontvieille has undoubtedly gained in value, with an increase of almost 60% in the price per square meter over the last 10 years. Today, Fontvieille is one of the most popular districts of Monaco,
alongside Monte-Carlo and Larvotto, and the most expensive.

Prices in “Fontvieille village”

First of all \"Fontvieille village\" which includes all the buildings dating from the 70s located around the marina.
These have the particularity of being quite similar to each other architecturally. We can cite in particular L'Eden Star,
Michelangelo, Donatello or even Le Grand Large. In these intermediate luxury buildings, prices vary, of course, depending on the floor,
the view (port side or street side), and depending on the level of services. In Fontvieille village, we can however estimate that properties are between 38,000 euros per m² at entry level,
up to 60,000 euros per m² for the most beautiful apartments, with an average price around 45,000 euros per m². In terms of property typology, this area essentially brings together
small units: from studios to four rooms. The most popular buildings in this area are L'Eden star and Le Grand large because they offer the most open views and are the quietest.
They also provide access to a shared swimming pool.
 Prices vary depending on the floor, the view and the services, but on average, they are around 45,000 euros per square meter.
If you're looking for more prestigious properties, the waterfront buildings near the heliport and port of Cap d'Ail, on the Monaco side, offer a distinct modernity.
This area is home to four flagship buildings: Les Terrasses du Port, Le Sea Side Plaza, Le Memmo Center (available only for rental) and Le Palazzo Leonardo.
Prices start around 45,000 euros per square meter for the least expensive properties and can exceed 75,000 euros for high-end apartments.
In addition, these prestigious buildings offer large units with apartments of up to 850 square meters, terraces included. 

So why are buyers increasingly turning to Fontvieille? The district offers many advantages, notably a rare calm in Monaco. Fontvieille is in fact the last district created in Monaco,
which translates into a superior quality of life. In addition, the tranquility is reinforced by the presence of numerous green spaces, including the Princess Grace Rose Garden, the marina,
the sea wall along the heliport, and numerous small pedestrian thoroughfares. Fontvieille is also flat, making travel easier for residents of all ages.

The architectural homogeneity of Fontvieille is a strong point, given that it is a district created from scratch. In addition, the presence of numerous local shops, notably bakeries,
tobacconists/press shops, and the Fontvieille shopping center, reinforce its appeal. The district is also home to public infrastructure such as the Stade Louis II, as well as offices and premises for professionals.

However, Fontvieille is not free from weak points, notably traffic problems linked to the thousands of commuters who come to work there every day. Its geographical position at the western end of Monaco
can also be a disadvantage for some preferring more central areas such as Condamine or Monte-Carlo.


Regarding upcoming projects, there are no new residential programs planned in the short term due to lack of space.
However, the complete rehabilitation of the shopping center, with numerous shops, restaurants, a multiplex cinema, housing and green spaces, as well as the opening of the new Charles III college in 2024,
should further stimulate the Fontvieille area.


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